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Crystal Palace skyline (watercolour)


Audrey Hammond has lived in the Crystal Palace area for over 50 years. She was born in South London and studied at Bromley College of Art. Audrey is committed to the Crystal Palace area and has invested considerable time and energy trying to maintain the character of the area, often in collaboration with the Crystal Palace Community Association.

Over the years she has drawn, painted and photographed much of the local area; in the process capturing and documenting the changes that have occurred oin the area, as rendered visible in the built environment and the local landscape.

Audrey also paints and draws many other subjects, including paintings made in France, still lifes, portariats and paintings capturing aspects of everyday life, adapting her style and technique to suit the subject. She always draws and paints directly from life. Audrey has exhibited several times in the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, in other London galleries and in local exhibitions.

Audrey gives talks of interest to amenity and art groups by arrangement, with slide illustrations, on various aspects of her work. Viewing by appointment only call 07947 168138. 'Crystal Palace - Norwood Heights' is available in Bookseller Crow; Kirkdale Bookshop and Dulwich Bookshop.

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