Our gallery will develop over time into a larger collection of images of the Crystal Palace area, both current and historical. Submissions for the gallery are welcome by email for works in any medium.

Audrey Hammond
 Crystal Palace paintings

Crystal Palace skyline by Audrey Hammond

You may have seen CPCA President Audrey Hammond's book 'Crystal Palace - Norwood Heights'. Here is a selection of her paintings that starts there and takes in some more recent works.

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Bjarne Bladbjerg
 Crystal Palace II

A Torre by Bjarne Bladbjerg

Another colourful collection of paintings which features restaurants, pubs and shop fronts from in and around the Triangle as well as the Crystal Palace Station frontage.

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Mike Conrad
 Paintings and drawings of Crystal Palace

Belvedere Road (oil) by Mike Conrad

Mike is a founder member of the CPCA whose pictures of local houses, views and landmarks have been created in a variety of media.

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Bjarne Bladbjerg
 Paintings of Crystal Palace 2007

Glitter & Twisted, Words & Pictures by Bjarne Bladbjerg

These vibrant paintings of shops and buildings around the Triangle were originally featured in the 2007 Signals 5 festival.

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