The working practice of the CPCA Planning sub-committee


The country’s 8000 conservation areas are under attack. Cherished streetscapes rely on traditional forms and detail for much of their architectural impact and historic character. Yet these features are being erased as old buildings are degraded and replaced, resulting in visual catastrophe.

If you’re concerned about this, the CPCA Planning Sub-Committee (‘PSC’) can help. We comment on local planning applications, particularly those affecting conservation areas. We strive to preserve and enhance our conservation areas, and to represent the views of all CPCA members and Crystal Palace residents.

The Local Planning Authority consults us on planning policies and applications affecting conservation areas in the adjoining boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark that comprise the area known as ‘Crystal Palace’.

We also sit on a number of conservation area advisory panels, which broadens our knowledge and experience beyond Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood. We keep up to date on changes to policies and practices in planning generally, particularly in the historic environment.

PSC members are volunteers who are able or willing to do the following:

Understand and accept the need to create, preserve and enhance conservation areas
Learn about the area, its geography, its buildings and its history
Visit sites, either jointly or as individuals
Read planning and architectural drawings proficiently
Express views rationally and coherently
Spend time studying planning applications and researching policies
Attend regular planning meetings as necessary


Because of the regularity of similar issues, we have a number of internal policies that we will apply when considering applications. We also prepare guidance notes to help you understand how we work. To date we have guidance on the following:

Vertical sash sliding windows
Residential dimensions
Alterations and making good
Criteria used in assessing applications
Local listing
Retail detail
Why and how to get a building listed
Conservation Areas