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Majority approval for outline Masterplan application   18 December 2008

On Tuesday 9th December 2008, Bromley Development Control Committee considered the London Development Agency Masterplan outline application for Crystal Palace Park. In a provocative attempt to divide anticipated opposition, Bromley held the meeting in the Council Chamber rather than the Great Hall. With the seating capacity of the public gallery insufficient for a meeting of such importance, public attendees were 'diverted' into an overflow room and seating on the floor of the chamber.

After lengthy discussion, the LDA application was approved by a majority (11 to 5).

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D-Day for Crystal Palace Park
Tuesday 9th December – 7.30pm

Your chance to tell Bromley you don’t want 180 private luxury apartments built on your public Park

On Tuesday 9th December 2008 at 7.30pm, Bromley Development Control Committee will consider the London Development Agency ‘Masterplan’ application. It is as important to be there as it was with the multiplex fiasco.

The London Development Agency has included the sale of parkland to developers in its proposals to improve Crystal Palace Park.

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All four neighbouring boroughs object to housing on Crystal Palace Park  5 December 2008

It is customary for councils to comment on major planning applications likely to impact on their borough, where the application has been lodged with a neighbouring council.

The four boroughs adjacent to Crystal Palace Park were invited to comment on the LDA Masterplan application for Crystal Palace Park by Chris Evans, Development Control Manager Major Applications Team for Bromley. Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth delegated authority to council officers to respond to the application, while Croydon referred it to its planning committee.

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Councils united against housing on Crystal Palace Park  22 September 2008

On 18 September Croydon’s planning committee considered application to Bromley Council by the London Development Agency for Crystal Palace Park. It is usual for boroughs to consider adjoining major development proposals and Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham raised concerns over the sale of parkland for housing, recognising the precedent this would set for parks in their boroughs.

In just two minutes a Croydon Council officer recommended approval of the 11,000 page, £62.5 million LDA Park Masterplan, the largest ever received by Bromley. Only after protests from the public gallery did the officer reveal that the application included the sale of public parkland for blocks of 180 private luxury flats.

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Conservation Area? Hung vote for Triangle development  August 2008

On 31st July 2008, Croydon’s Planning Committee was undecided on an application for one of the largest residential development applications made for the Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace Triangle conservation area. Public objectors, jubilant that the application had been refused, were outraged when controversial further voting resulted in a ‘hung’ decision referring the application for future consideration.

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Sale of Crystal Palace Parkland for private luxury flats?  24 June 2008

For two years the London Development Agency maintained the deception that there would be no housing on Crystal Palace Park within their ‘regeneration’ proposals. Despite this, the LDA Masterplan recently submitted to Bromley contains proposals for blocks of 180 private luxury flats on the Grade II* registered, Metropolitan Open Land and Conservation Area protected Crystal Palace Park.

The CPCA formal objection to the LDA Masterplan has been served on Bromley Council and copied to the London Mayor and English Heritage.

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CPCA Spring Newsletter 2008

Our Spring 2008 newsletter is an important edition that covers the LDA Master plan application for Crystal Palace Park in great detail.

Click on the cover to read online or here to download as a PDF (2MB). For hard copies, please contact the CPCA office.

Proposed ‘rebuild’ of the Crystal Palace
[From the CPCA Spring 2008 newsletter]

The much-hyped new construction at Crystal Palace Park is not, as claimed, a ‘rebuild’ of the Crystal Palace. It is a vast commercial complex, marketed as a fairy story, but in truth a desecration of public parkland for private profit.

This massive scheme, with its associated infrastructure, would occupy up to 20 acres of Crystal Palace Park hilltop – the area originally earmarked for the abortive multiplex. However, this parody of the Hyde Park Crystal Palace is anything but miniature. At a third the size (although currently quoted as two thirds the size) of the one million square feet Sydenham Crystal Palace, its prime use would be as a 4/5 star hotel, with conference facilities, unspecified leisure/recreation uses and other commercial activities.

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Objections to LDA application
22 February 2008

Many people wish to inform Bromley Council that they object to the housing proposals in the LDA’s Masterplan outline planning application for Crystal Palace Park, reference numbers: DC/07/03897/OUT and DC/07/03906/CAC.

The deadline for response to this application is 11th March 2008 according to site notices posted around the Park, however Bromley has agreed to accept late submissions but these might not be included in the Officer’s report to the planning committee members.

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LDA Planning Application for Park Masterplan
January 2008

Just 42 Days to consider and object to 30-year £67.5million ‘Masterplan’

If you are a Bromley resident, immediately local to the Park, you should have been notified by Bromley Council of this application. However, many who care about Crystal Palace Park will have no idea of the huge changes planned for the Park by the London Development Agency. These include the construction of at least 180 private luxury housing units on public parkland and the loss of the Caravan Club. Anyone anywhere can object to this planning application.

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