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Park sell out goes ahead as Secretary of State gives ok for luxury housing on Crystal Palace Park  Posted - August 2010

Following a 6 week local public inquiry last year, and despite concerted opposition, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (the S of S) has endorsed the Inspector's report and is 'minded' to grant permission to the planning application for the LDA Masterplan.

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LDA Park master plan - a poison chalice?  Posted - July 2010

Together with the long awaited publication of the Report to the Secretary of State by the Inspector Alan Novitzky on the LDA Masterplan Application for Crystal Palace Park, London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced that under his Proposals for Devolution, the LDA will cease to exist.

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Hundreds celebrate library 110-year anniversary  Posted - July 2010

The Upper Norwood Library, which opened on July 4th 1900, celebrated its 110-year anniversary on 4th and 5th of July 2010, with hundreds taking part in the celebrations.

The July 4th American Independence theme was reflected in the boots and stetsons sported by visitors enjoying Hillbilly musicians, a whip-cracker, jugglers, a stilt-walker, an escapologist, can-can dancers, a Punch and Judy show, and a flea-circus, all equally popular with parents and children.

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What is the Upper Norwood Joint Library?  Posted - July 2010

The Upper Norwood Joint Library (UNJL) serves a well-defined and diverse local community; a catchment area that encompasses elements of no fewer than 5 local authorities. It is a unique 'bespoke' service, managed by its own Joint Committee, which is comprised of four councillors from each of the two boroughs (Croydon and Lambeth) that financially support the library, together with two community representatives. However, uncertainties of funding and governance have persistently plagued the library over many years.

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Croydon Leader's letter threatens Library's future   Posted - July 2010

During acrimonious exchanges between Lambeth and Croydon Councillors at the Upper Norwood Joint Library Committee AGM on 30th June 2010, Croydon Cllr Sara Bashford (Selsdon and Ballards and Cabinet member for customer services, culture and sport), with impeccable timing, said Croydon is not trying to control the UNJL committee to implement cuts.

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The Upper Norwood Library - Croydon's political football  Posted - July 2010

In a remarkable demonstration of solidarity, campaigners fighting for the future of 110-year-old Upper Norwood Library packed the main chamber of the Salvation Army Hall, Westow Street, on Wednesday 30th June 2010 for the AGM of the Upper Norwood Library Joint Committee.

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CPCA Spring Newsletter 2009 now available online

with detailed articles on local issues including the LDA Masterplan application process, conservation area planning and the potential impact of building houses on Crystal Palace Park.

Click on the cover to read online or here to download as a PDF (2MB). For hard copies, please contact the CPCA office.

A cinema for Crystal Palace?  Posted - July 2009

The Gala bingo hall at 25 Church Road, SE19 has been sold to an evangelical church. It is understood that an independent cinema operator also put in an offer that was not accepted. The art deco building was originally built in 1928 as a cinema, its beautiful interior designed by the renowned cinema architect George Coles. It currently has a designated D2 planning use (cinema/bingo).

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Local public inquiry to take place at Crystal Palace starting July 7th  Posted - May 2009

Following representations from the CPCA, its members and others, the CPCA is reassured by the decision of the Local Public Inquiry Inspector, Alan Novitzky, to transfer the Inquiry into the LDA Masterplan application for Crystal Palace Park, scheduled for 7th July 2009, from Bromley Civic Centre to the Salvation Army Hall, 58 Westow Street, SE19.

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When is a Crystal Palace not a Crystal Palace? When it’s a hotel and entertainment complex  Posted - 17 April 2009

The CPCA has received the following letter from Dr Martin Heath -

Sir, Come on out you cowards and fight! That's my message to the moneymen lurking in the shadows behind the so-called “Rebuild Crystal Palace” project, which is being fronted publicly by certain traders on the Triangle, and architect Ray Hall.

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CPCA to participate in Local Public Inquiry for LDA Masterplan  Posted - 5 March 2009

The CPCA has been granted ‘Rule 6’ status by the Planning Inspectorate at the forthcoming local Public Inquiry into the LDA Crystal Palace Park Masterplan applications. Rule 6 gives the CPCA similar status as Bromley and the LDA (the developer) at the Inquiry and the opportunity to question witnesses and others, and test evidence.

The CPCA has prepared a ‘statement of case’ and written ‘proofs of evidence’ and awaits confirmation of the date and venue of the Inquiry.

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Multiplex fiasco costs to Bromley taxpayers
Posted - 20 February 2009

Following European Court ruling that Bromley had failed to instruct Environmental Impact Assessment prior to the proposed development of a 20-screen cinema multiplex in Crystal Palace Park, the CPCA wrote on numerous occasions to Doug Patterson, Bromley Chief Executive, requesting confirmation of the costs awarded against them.

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Hearing date for Triangle eyesore  application Posted - 9 February 2009

In Autumn 2006 the CPCA highlighted the massive UNLAWFUL internally illuminated advertising sign in the Triangle Conservation Area, on the frontage of Jack Beard’s pub at the top of Anerley Hill - a sign used twice by Mayor Livingstone.

Two years later Bromley served an enforcement notice, following refusal of planning permission, for the removal of the sign. Bromley inform us that Outdoor Plus Ltd has appealed the planning decision, and an informal hearing originally scheduled for 9 December 2008 was deferred to January 2009 and again to 5 March 2009.

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Crystal Palace in the snow
Posted - 2 February 2009

Sunday's overnight heavy snow kept many away from work and school, with the early morning quiet giving way to activity as people looked to take advantage of Christmas card conditions.

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Government calls in Park plans
Posted - 29 January 2009

LDA Masterplan proposals including sale of protected Crystal Palace Parkland to build nearly 200 private luxury homes have been called in for examination by the Secretary of State. A ‘local inquiry’ will be held by a Government appointed Inspector.

Bromley Council approved the LDA 'Masterplan' in December 2008 despite the application conflicting with their planning policies and the Mayor's London Plan. The proposed sale of parkland for housing is widely publicly opposed and by all four neighbouring boroughs who recognise the precedent that would be set.

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The Government Office for London (GOL) and LDA Park application   Posted - January 2009

Following grant of approval by the London Borough of Bromley on 9 December 2008 to the LDA Crystal Palace Park ‘Masterplan’ application, the CPCA and others requested GOL to call in the application for public inquiry.

As the proposals for development on Metropolitan Open Land and protected parkland are contrary to policies in Bromley’s UDP, this is known as a 'Departure Application' and Bromley must refer it to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

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