Fairtrade Fortnight - Crystal Palace Transition  Town
 Thursday 27 February - Sunday 9 March
 Various locations in Crystal Palace

From CPTT -
This Fairtrade Fortnight (Feb 24 – March 10) we're joining the ‘Stick with Foncho’* campaign to end unfair and unsustainable practices in the banana industry.

Come to one or more of our Fairtrade Fortnight events to find out more, to meet Alexis Martinez, a Colombian representative of banana growers visiting us here in Crystal Palace, and to sign a petition to Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, asking him to stop the price wars between supermarkets that have reduced the price we pay for our bananas to half what it was ten years ago.

You can sign the petition at any of our events or online from 24 February at foncho.fairtrade.org.uk
For more information please see our press release and Bananas Unpeeled - Background Information

Fairtrade Fortnight

See more on the CPTT website -
Promoting Fairtrade - Fairtrade Fortnight

‘Hot Flashes and Mood Swings: The Ups and Downs of Menopause’
 October 17th - 26th October 2013
 The Little Escape, Crystal Palace, SE19

In October 2013, Crystal Palace will become host to a unique event held by The Little Escape holistic therapy centre, in honour of Menopause Awareness. This one-of-a-kind project will be a series of evening events where a team of complementary health practitioners will be holding talks, workshops, taster sessions and classes around preparing for and managing symptoms of the menopause naturally.

The events will cover different holistic approaches to menopausal issues;  from the viewpoints of Counselling and Coaching, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Nutritional Therapy, as well as energetic approaches such as Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Homeopathy.  The menopause can affect individuals in huge a variety of ways – specific physical symptoms can include hot flushes, mood swings, skin problems, weight fluctuations and connective tissue changes, but there can also be important emotional and psychological aspect to the changes that occur. The Little Escape team believe that through awareness and education this transition has the potential to be really positive and empowering.

Lilja Katanka, Acupuncturist and owner of the Little Escape, feels very strongly about breaking the taboo of menopause and opening up channels for discussion, information and support.

I’m really excited about these menopause theme events.  The menopause will affect all women at some point, in so many different ways- and yet it is not talked about!  All of us at The Little Escape have a vast range of experience supporting people through these changes, and we’re keen to help educate people about their options.”

Being a topic that is often not easily addressed, even among mothers and daughters- Women often find themselves in the midst of this change with very little idea of what it means, what to expect, and where to find support to deal with changes in a natural way.  Women of all ages are welcome to join the events at The Little Escape in Crystal Palace to discuss, share and learn valuable natural ways to move through this potentially amazing time.

Please see http://www.thelittleescape.com for full details.  
Event dates: Thursday 17th, Tues 22nd and Thursday 24th all from 7pm & Saturday 26th from 2pm.
Cost: £15 per event or £50 for all 4.

For more information please contact:
07910 026 427 / 020 3384 0509

The Punchline Palace comedy night
 Wednesdays at The Exhibition Rooms, Westow Hill SE19

The Punchline Palace comedy night at The Exhibition Rooms

Name: The Punchline Palace
Venue: The Exhibition Rooms. 69 - 71 Westow Hill, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 1TX
Day: Wednesday
Doors Open: 7pm
Start Time: 7:30pm
Cost: Free

Dance class for adults in Crystal Palace
   Wednesdays 6.45 - 7.45pm
   Phoenix Centre, Westow Street SE19

Do you fancy a dance but never had the chance?
BEGINNERS adult dance classes for the over 30's are here!

For more information, see
the Dance Divas website www.dance-divas.com and
Facebook page www.facebook.com/dancedivasdance

Crystal Palace parkrun
 Saturdays at 9.00 am
 Crystal Palace Park, Thicket Road entrance

The Crystal Palace parkrun takes place every Saturday morning starting at 9am, from outside the Café at the Thicket Road entrance, and is a weekly FREE 5km timed event. The concept of parkrun is to get local people out in their local parks and taking part in regular exercise, and challenging themselves to come back each week and better their previous times.

For full details, please click here

Audrey signing books
Audrey Hammond signs copies of our new book
CPCA Walk walk around Hayes and Keston
CPCA walkers pause at Keston Ponds
CPCA Walk around Greenwich
CPCA members at the Walk around Greenwich
CPCA Dinning Club at A Torre
CPCA Dining Club at A Torre
Bloomsbury: Writers and Rebels walk with Peter Grant
Bloomsbury: Writers and Rebels Walk with
Peter Grant
CPCA members enjoy a fine autumn Thameside walk from Richmond to Kew
CPCA members enjoy a fine autumn
Thameside walk from Richmond to Kew
CPCA members enjoy a fine autumn Thameside walk from Richmond to Kew
This pic of CPCA Thames Walk shows
what jolly good fun we all have!
Peter Grant with walkers at his CPCA guided tour of the City of London
Peter Grant with walkers at his CPCA guided
tour of the City of London
The CPCA guided tour of the City of London
The CPCA guided tour of the City of London