The Crystal Palace Community Association

 Campaigning since 1970 to maintain the character of Crystal Palace and to help make it a great place to live

The newly formed CPCTA protests in May 1973
CPCA President Audrey Hammond heads the
  march in 1973 - today regeneration of the Park
  is on the agenda again.

In May 1973, two hundred angry locals marched on Crystal Palace Park with banners proclaiming "Save our Park." Their anger was directed against Greater London Council's attempts to enclose the dinosaurs and their lakeside habitat, and charge entry. So began the first of many battles to preserve one of the community's most precious assets - its local park.

The CPCA and its aims

Many of those marching belonged to the recently founded Crystal Palace Triangle Community Association (CPTCA). The aim of the Association's founder, local artist Audrey Hammond, was to preserve the amenities of Crystal Palace - especially its Park and the distinctive triangle of nearby roads called by surrounding councils "the Upper Norwood District Centre" and by locals "the Triangle".

Successes and setbacks

In 1988, the CPCA succeeded in getting the Triangle designated a conservation area. This helped to maintain its unique village atmosphere, 380 feet above the Thames with its outstanding views over the city and Kent.

CPCA at Crystal Palace Park's Victorian Day
CPCA at Crystal Palace Park's Victorian Day

Through effective lobbying and working with the Upper Norwood Chamber of Commerce and the surrounding boroughs, the CPCA was instrumental in changing the confusing parking controls in the Triangle and introducing a cross-borough Police Safer Neighbourhood Team – although disappointingly without the participation of Southwark.

More recently, the Community Association supported the campaign stop McDonalds converting the old Living Well Satisfies cafe in Westow Street into a fast food takeway and delivery hub.

Redevelopment of the Park

After the cinema/leisure complex had finally been seen off, many locals welcomed the so-called “Park redevelopment” plans proposed by Mayor Livingstone’s London Development Agency (LDA). These plans have been through several iterations over the past 20 years and currently Bromley Council is consulting on a regeneration plan.

Early morning in Crystal Palace ParkLike the LDA plans, these involve the sale of parkland for housing.

Our 7,000-signature petition
CPCA chairman John Payne with Cllr Darren Johnson and the petition to the London Mayor
CPCA chairman John Payne with Cllr Darren
  Johnson, leader of the Green Group at The London
  Assembly, and the petition to the London Mayor

The campaign against the original LDA plans culminated in an unsuccessful High Court challenge, but the plans were never implemented.

National Sports Centre

The Mayor of London carried out a consultation on the future of the National Sports Centre in 2019. The results are still awaited.

Make your voice heard by joining the CPCA

The CPCA is a registered charity which continues to work on behalf of its members to protect our neighbourhood and seek the best for our special patch of South East London. If you would like to join us or find out more about the CPCA, please see our Membership and Contact pages.